Saturday, January 05, 2008

LCMinutes 1.11 Is Ready - For Free Numbers

Now LCMinutes 1.11 is ready for download. The new feature is the support of free numbers. Check this out if you are a T-Mobile myFaves, or Rogers My Five users, or have whatever free calls in your plans.


Unknown said...

At first sorry becouse muy english is very poor and thanks for the program.

i have two numbers that cost me less money than all the numbers. I put this numbers in special rates box like that


the problem is that in the balance the call's to that numbers the program apply the normal rates

¿could you help me?

LyonPlus said...

Hi, David, please update to the newest version (1.54) of LCMinutes to get special rates that are not added on top of normal rates.

Matias said...

Hello, you software is very nice. Congrats!
I'm from Argentina and I only need to display consumed minutes, sms and data for weekdays.
My problem is that the data is not being updated dynamically. For example I had sent 16 sms and after sending the 17th sms the Today plugin was not updated with 17/200 (200 is my sms limit). The solution I found was to manually update the balance importing my calls/sms information and recalculating.
But I think I'm doing something wrong because if this is the only way of update my info, having a Today plugin have non sense.
Thanks for your time.

Regards from Argentina.


LyonPlus said...

Hi, Matias, are you using a smartphone (the one without touchscreen)? It seems the LCMinutes Monitor is not running.

oakeslj said...

Hi Lyon, thanks for this's just what I needed for my omnia 2!

I'm having a little trouble with my plan set up though and was hoping you could help.

I have a £225 a month allowance which can be spent on any of:

calls - 20p, sms - 10p, mms - 20p.
All calls to the following are at 40p a min: 0800, 0808, 0845, 0843 0842, 0870

My allowance is reset on the 15th of every month.

Below is the plan I have set up, which is charging all calls as 40p a min so think i've gone wrong somewhere.


The display on the today screen isn't showing a minute call count either.

Can you help please? Thanks, Lee

Anonymous said...

Hello Lyon,

thx for the software, but it doesn't count my data traffic. I have 200M free an 0,50€ per 1M more.
I entered 10M in the balance and used the internet for 1 or 2 MB, but the balance doesn't show that.