Saturday, March 01, 2008

LCMinutes 1.39 Is Ready

LCMinutes 1.39 is now ready, again, for detecting balance info from service messages of T-Mobile USA and Kuwait Zain. Now user need to manually set their rate plan network id to related network to get the detection work.

What also changed are the charge unit for data usage can be set by user to any number of kilobytes, expire or effective date can now be displayed without year information, view setting for LCMinutes main window is now saved, and more importantly, more traces are added to debug the problem that some editing box for rate plan setting are not displayed in some htc Touch phones. Check LCMinutes change history for more details.

For those htc Touch users that have this problem in rate plan setting, please install 1.39, turn on the main trace, reproduce the bug, and send the trace file (LCMTrace.TXT) to me.


Chubbys Curios said...
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Hytham El-Saiid said...

This is very good application, I appreciate if you can prepare a version for
- Vodafone Egypt / Prepaid as follow:
- No free minutes.
- incoming calls free.
- No calculations per seconds all calculations per minutes "so if you did a call in 1 second = call in 59 seconds = half a call of 61 seconds"
- Outgoing calls for numbers start with 010, 016 or 019 costs 0.20 per "minute".
- Outgoing calls for numbers start with 00966 costs 2.40 per "minute".
- Outgoing calls for numbers start with 011, 012, 014, 017, 018costs 2.40 per "minute".

this is my email

I appreciate your support to tell me how can I implement this rate plan.