Saturday, January 05, 2008

Some Links To LCMinutes

Here are some links about LCMinutes:

LCMinutes in and freeware list.

LCMinutes Thread in's Development and Hacking forum.

Detailed review about LCMinutes in Eten Blog.

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lightofnord said...


It looks a great app, but after reading FAQ and blog, I still a little confused about settings. I’ll very hepy if you could help me in this:

I pay 6590 HUF for my T-mobile package, it contains:
- 50pcs free SMS to my country
- 200pcs free SMS to my country, to my network
- and 184min free phonecalls anytime, everywhere in my country
- 500MB internet data trafic

after this:
- SMS to my country: 27HUF/pcs
- SMS to other country: 54HUF/pcs
- phonecalls to my network (anytime): 27HUF/min
- phonecalls to other network in my country (anytime): 30HUF/min
- internet data „overtrafic” 0,1HUF/10kB

thank you, Norbert