Monday, May 12, 2008

LCMinutes 1.45 is out for bug fixing

Two bugs should be fixed by this new version: daily and/or monthly counter sometimes are not cleared, which results in incorrect charge calculation, and clear data records doesn't work.

I was quite busy for the past month, and seems will stay that way for the coming month, but I will try to get some time to work on LCMinutes for those features I have promised.

Hope I can keep my promise.


Diamant said...


I am using LCMinutes, and I noticed, that the minutes were not cleared after a new billing month has begon. I will try the 1.45 version.

But I have problem. After installing LC minutes I have a conflict between Resco Keyboard 5.01 and SPB Pocket Plus today Plugin. Resco keyboard turns allways off anf to turn it on is necessary to turn off the SPB Pocket Plus today plugin, then turn on Resco keyboard and then the today plugin.

Users without LCMinutes have no problems with Rsco Keyboard and SPB Pocket Plus today plugin.

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Diamant, sorry for the conflict, but I have no idea how LCMinutes could cause such a conflict.

Can you try to modify the registry value of HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Today\Items\LCMinutes\Selectability from 1 to 2, and then reset your phone?

Unknown said...

Hello. Thanks for the program firstly! My question is on the editing of the balance tab inside of settings. I periodically delete my call and message logs so I need to manually edit the display page. This has been working fine for messages and minutes, but the data is funny. If you type in 200 megabytes for instance, it gets converted to some really small number. The largest number I can put (99999999, I think) gets converted to ~69 megabytes. So at this point, I am not sure how you end up with something bigger than that?? Thanks

LyonPlus said...

Hi, John, the unit for the free and used data allowance is KB instead of MB.

And yes, the largest number you can input is 99999999, which means almost 100G.

Note: in LCMinutes 1K = 1000, not 1024.

Unknown said...

right. i guess the problem is even when i enter a very large number in KB in the balance tab, as soon as i hit save, it changes to a small number. so if i enter 99999999 KB, i end up with ~60 MB in the balance tab. should be much higher. no matter what i enter, i cannot get the balance to display greater than 60 MB (or around there). however, when i export the balance, edit the xml file, edit the data usage, then import it, it displays fine. ??

Unknown said...

i just upgrade to v1.45 but I am wondering why is that my main didn't show my used SMS and Web data. It is still 0 as shown.

sushikidd said...

hi Lyon, in this upgrade the resetting of the balance still doesnt work for me.. and the same as with Josho, it stopped counting the used sms's and there seems to be a problem with the data counter as well..

dont know if its of any importance, but since the balance didnt get reset, i deleted all log entries
hope all is well with u, and you can continue the fine tuning soon :)

thanks as always!


LyonPlus said...

Hi, JoshO & Sushikidd, sorry for the late response.

Because my last version doesn't touch other codes except the fixes I mentioned, I am not sure why it doesn't work as it should.

JoshO, could you please check whether you have uncheck Data and SMS in View menu item?

Sushikidd, could you try to export and then import your balance? And don't forget to change the effective date of the new balance.

If that still doesn't work, maybe you can try to change HKLM\Software\LCTools\LCMinutes\RatePlanID to 0?

Unknown said...

I just realised that I need to reboot to make it working. But weird that the data is moving when I am using, but when I switch it off the application, the data show 0K.

I am still monitoring because I just upgraded to WM6.1. Hopefully it works fine.

Thanks a lot!

Unknown said...

hello Lyon, what do I have to set on the weekday, evening under Free Minute. And you once told me that data subscription should be place under Add On?

LyonPlus said...

Hi, JoshO, I don't quite understand your question, do you mean all your weekday and evening minutes are free?

Unknown said...

My counter no longer resets at the end of the month-- a feature that worked in the last version!

Also, the counts are wayy off, they do not seem to start on the charge day that I selected, it starts on a different day of the month entirely.

Don't know what happened here, but I'm going back to 1.44 to see its the new version of the program that's causing the issue. I will get back to you on this. I'm using an HTC Touch fyi.

sKetch said...

Lyon, first of all, compliments on your work. ;-)

However, I have a few questions (feature requests) regarding LCMinutes.
But First, let me describe my current rate plan so you could bettter understand me. :-)

I am from Croatia (00385) and my service provider is VIPnet (0038591/xxx-xxxx).

I'm a Postpaid user with the tariff called "Model 25", with the lowest minimum monthly consumption amount of HRK 25.00 (incl. taxes) that is spent on calls, SMS and MMS messages within Croatia.
This tariff includes:
- a free VIP friends number, with monthly limit of 1000 free minutes. Any further calls made to my VIP Friends number are charged 1,20 HRK/min.
- Calls within VIP network are charged 1,20 HRK/min
- Calls towards other networks in Croatia are charged 2,50 HRK/min
- SMS message are charged 0,34/SMS

Extra HRK 12.50 (tax free) per month is paid for the use of Radio Frequency.

On top of that I have a few extra options enabled, which I pay extra, ofcourse.

These options are:

- Option VIP 0, where all calls inside VIP network are free (0 HRK/min), but the call set up fee (connect fee) is 0,25 HRK/call with the monthly limit of 1500 free minutes; Upon exceeding the monthly limit, any further calls are charged according to VIP tariff model the customer is using, in my case, 1,20 HRK/min.
This option costs 50.00 HRK/month, including taxes.
- Option SMS 0, which allows me to send 500 free SMS messages monthly to all national mobile destinations (Vip, tomato, Tele2, T-Mobile) from Mon-Fri 19-7h and on weekends and holidays 0-24h.
This option costs 50.00 HRK/month, including taxes.
- Mobile Broadband 512 powered by CARNet (Croatian Academic and Research Network) which includes free 512 MB with additional data traffic pricing of 0,38 HRK/MB and rounding at 10KB.
This option costs 45.50 HRK/month, including taxes.

Judging from the current LCMinutes features, not everything can be set up, because of the options I have enabled (Option VIP 0 and SMS 0).

I would suggest, err... request of you to extend:
- "Special Rates String Format" feature by adding the "Connect Fee" option for certain numbers.
- SMS settings with: at what time are SMSs free, like evening and weekends

I hope I was clear enough. ;-)

Tell we what you think, I'd really appreciate it.

LyonPlus said...

Hi, sKetch, sorry for the late response and thanks for your detailed explaination. I promise you will get these 2 features within 2 weeks.

Best Regards

e_davis677 said...

Before I begin...LOVE LCMinutes. I have a bit of a problem, currently with Rogers using the HTC Touch, my plan has free calling/incoming calls to all other Rogers users. To do this I've imputed all my Rogers friends numbers into the Free Calls section seperated by a ; or a carriage return. When I place a call to one of these numbers LCMinutes works correctly in not using my minutes, however when someone calls me from one of these numbers LCMinutes records this agains my available time? Everything else works perfectly but this, what am I missing?

Thanks soooo much for such a great program.

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Edward, is it because the number you dialed and the one sent from operator when they dial you are different?

Matt Achine said...

Great appl! Really appreciate your time! Was wondering if you might be able to tell me how to access the "EDIT" button in the upper right of the screen - have tried navigating with all the arrows and buttons and tried also holding down FUNCTION button but it never is highlighted in any screen I'm in - the screen just scrolls - I'm using a Smartphone - HTC S720 with Windows Mobile 5 over the Telus PCS Network - Talk EPP 17.30 - 1XEDVO. Thanks again (Could you CC: response to: email(at) - Thanks!

Unknown said...

I've got the same problem at my HTC/Qtek 8500.
I can access the edit, but then I can't enter the values, because the menu is scrolling.
I've solved the problem with the Trial-Version of "Pocket-Controller Pro". With this Software you can controll your Phone with your PC mouse.

But i've got another problem. My provider calculates the calls as follows:
After the first minute the cycle switches to 30sec.
E.g. a call with 1:20min will cost 30 cent.
How must I change the rate plan that LCMinutes will consider it?


Unknown said...

Hey LyonPlus,

LCMinutes is a very nice application! Gratulation for that ...
But when I set my personal rate plan, save it, exit and soft reset the phone, LCMinutes will not count my data usage :(

Do you have an idea why LCM do not log the data usage? Do I have to edit a special setting (maybe in the registry)?

I have a HTC Diamond, branded O2 ROM, using HSDPA.

Thanks a lot ...

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Matt Achine

Sorry this is a bug in LCMinutes, hopefully I will make a fix in not so far away future.

Hi, Troy, please use the start minute for your first minute charge and set your normal charge interval as 30 seconds.

Hi, mail, sorry I have no idea why your data is not logged, might be your internet connection use some parameter unknown to me? But again, unless I see your trace file, I have no idea what happened.

Unknown said...

Hello LyonPlus,

thank you for your quick reply!
You said you need the trace file to locate the data usage problem.

I searched for the trace file you asked for and I found three files: LCMMTrace, LCMPTrace and LCMTrace. Which one do you need?

There are no additional parameter to the data connection. I only set 'internet' as access point (thats the default access point parameter for O2 germany) and there are no proxies set.

Thank you for your help, LyonPlus!

e_davis677 said...

Hi LyonPlus, thanks for the response, I have the numbers programmed in there like this: 9024444444;9025555555 but Rogers send me numbers like this +1 (902) 444-4444. I made the change to reflect what rogers sends me and voila it worked. Thanks so much.

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Mail, LCMMTrace.TXT is the one.

Sorry for the late response, I was busy on version 1.54.

BR - Lyon