Saturday, February 02, 2008

LCMinutes 1.30 Is Ready And Data Aware

For those of you that demanded data traffic support for LCMinutes, the wait is finally over. The version 1.30 can monitor data traffic through cellular line (GPRS, HSPA, EVDO, etc), and calculate its charges.

Monthly data traffic limit, or monthly data allowance, is supported, along with rates per kilobyte for extra data. User can also choose whether to round up to next full kilobyte when calculating charges.

If you try it, let me how it works, or not working.


Unknown said...

This is great! BTW, I just upgraded the version and still trying to figure out. However I do not really understand how to use it. I do need help from you.

Before I start, can I ask that if the program will auto refresh after the Charged day is pass? Meaning to say mine falls on 23rd of every mth. On the 24th, does everything start a fresh or rollover?

Im using the plan of mthly cost:

Free Incoming Call

500 Smses (Excess SMS: $0.20 each)

Free incoming SMSes

Outgoing call: 100 min free.

Net data: $22.42 for 50 Gb (5000Mb, right?)Excess usage: $0.0019/Kb in block of 2Kb
This is what I did which I hope you can help me.

$18.95 - basic plan
$22.42 - net access
charged at: day 23
Free Min: 100 for weekdays (Im not sure for this)
Weekday: 0-6
Evening: 00-00
Free Calls: Ticked
Data Limit: 5000MB
$0.0038 per extra KB (ticked round up to KB)
Free SMS: 500
Free Incoming SMS (ticked)

I do not know where can I place the excess talktime and smses at.

Unknown said...

Oh yah. I almost forgotten to ask about Current Balance. What is my Balance? And what's effective date and expire date?

Does LCminute in the main page will update the number of smses i sent out automatically?

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Josho

Yes, the balance, used minutes, used SMS, etc, will all start over when a new charging month comes, unless those rollover items. This is the way everyone will expect, right?

And the concepts for balance, effective date, expire date are mainly for prepaid plans. Your plan is postpaid plan, and you don't need to care about it.

For your rate plan settings, I think most are correct, just 2 changes are necessary:

$0.20 per SMS out
$0.0019 per extra KB

And it's recommended you put the $22.42 in the addon plan, instead of net access. Net access is intended for system access fee, the fee your operator charges you for nothing, or just for your phone number.

Unknown said...


Your application is great.
I just need your help to setup it up.
I have a postpaid plan, with 100 minutes free for the month. The price is 15€.
Can i configure it?

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Nuno

I will need more information from you to know how to setup your plan. Eg, whether you have different rates for weekend, evening, or even free evening and weekends, etc. And rates for minutes surpassing your 100 free minutes. And many more.

Unknown said...



My plan cost 15€ and I've 100 minutes for hole month. There is no difference between day an night, weekday and weekend day.
If I spend the 100 minutes, then every minutes cost 0.15€. The SMS cost allways 0.15€ each. There is no difference if the calls are to my operator or other operator.
My data access cost 7.5€ and give me 100 Mb. After the 100 Mb every Kb cost 0.05€.

I think that is everything.

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Nuno

Your plan setting should be quite straight forward.

Monthly Pay:15€ basic plan
: 7.5€ addon plan

Free Minutes: 100 for weekday
Weekday: 0-6
Evening: 00-00

Call Rates: 0.15€ in weekday
Per: 60 seconds
: Use start rates only: checked

Data Limit: 100 MB
: 0.05€ per extra KB

SMS Rates: 0.15€ per SMS out
: 0.15€ per SMS in

You can also check LCMinutes FAQ for more information on rate plan setup. ;)

Unknown said...

Thanxs a lot.
I will setup it up with your settings.

Best Regards.whlsn

Unknown said...

Hi lyonplus,

Wonderful help... May i ask the following stuff...

"For your rate plan settings, I think most are correct, just 2 changes are necessary:

$0.20 per SMS out
$0.0019 per extra KB"

Where can I place these at?

BTW, I did set my sms to 500.
On the today, it mentioned:

What does that meant? I rem in other post you mentioned about each stands for certain reason but for mine, there's only 1.

If I'm not wrong, $18.95 (my price plan): 0 (ain't sure): 50 (sms)

For my smses, how does it update itself automatically?

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Josho

Open Menu -> Settings -> Rate Plan and scroll down near to the bottom, you will find "per SMS out" and "per extra KB". ;)

For the info on your today, it means you have not made any outgoing phone calls since you bought your TyTN II (yeah, I know it!), but you already sent 50 SMS out.

LCMinutes has a monitor module which keep track of calls, SMS, data usage, and time change, and calculate charged based on that.

Hope this clarifies. And you have a nice blog!

Unknown said...

Haa.. U knew Im using that .

I managed to get the SMS rate done. But does that mean it start calculating once I used up my 500 SMS?

By the way, do I have to constantly import my call/ sms to the program so that it will update it? Because it does update after I import my call/ sms log. But I don't, it will only stick to that 50 SMS... Am I doing wrong?

By the way, I did key in my 50GB (50000 mb) to the data limit, why was it that when I saved, it turn to 848 MB? (confused)

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Josho

Yeah, you will be charged for sending SMS after you used the 500 free SMS limit.

You don't need to import the call & SMS logs except for the first time after you installed LCMinutes. If your your call and/or SMS, data usage are not recorded by LCMinutes (you can not see the record in the main window of LCMinutes), then the monitor module is not running. You may try reboot your machine to see any changes. If still not, please let me know.

And for data limit, it seems the largest amount now is 4.29G. I will fix this in the next release. And thanks for reminding me of this.

Unknown said...

Hi lyon, Im currently monitor the data usage. But on the today, it should be showing $18.95, but why is is showing $19.14? Currently I have 59 sms.

As it mentioned $19.14:0:59 , 0 means the number of call I call out, right?

Unknown said...

Hi, I have a motoq (wm6 standard), and i'd like to test lcminutes smartphone version.
My email is

Visit Films said...

Hey man,

interesting program. I have a WM6 device and want to track only my data usage. I downloaded version 1.30 and yet I can't get any data to register. Thoughts?

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Josho, could you please look into the main window of LCMinutes to see what call, SMS or data usage has been charged?

And the 0 in $19.14:0:59 means the minutes of your outgoing call.

Carlos, please check your email for the smartphone edition.

And, visit films, LCMinutes only track data usage through cellular. If your data usage by GPRS/HSPA/EVDO is not tracked, then it is a problem.

Another consideration is that the track interval is about 10 seconds, if your data connection is closed too fast (within 10 seconds), then LCMinutes might not get the data usage info.

Could you please verify again what's the possibly reason for your case?

Unknown said...

Hello ,

The import log for calls doesnt work on my phone.
I have an HTC Touch P3450 with WM6 and a French ROM. I think that's because the "french" ROM ...
The SMS import works very well !
I Will try a registry edit in LCminutes to correct this problem .

Anonymous said...

Hi Lyons,
would like to try the smartphone edition (spv e650), as modification of exported rates xml file from PPC version is a bit to complicated.
My email is
Did I get it right that it does not calculate gprs traffic fees?

LyonPlus said...

Hi, yves, does LCMinutes load any call logs at all?

And toka, your email address doesn't work. It says the file is too large. Actually the LCMinutes smartphone edition is about 430k. Could you please check your email limit?

Anonymous said...

sorry for this, try sending to my other mailbox: tokapi(at)
Just downloaded v 1.31 for PPC, will try to get it working on my SPV in the meantime.
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

One more thing Lyons:
I was trying to figure out how I should define different rates and came to some idea. Is there some simple way of setting the rates to show total minutes used and sms sent (also using special rates)? I have 200 minutes to network A, which can be exchanged to 100 min. to networks B,C and/or 800 sms. So ideally i would like to see the total minutes counter (using special rates to networks B and C), number of sms sent and total kb of gprs used? I don't really need total price at the end, total minutes are for me more important.

LyonPlus said...

Hi, Toka, please check your email.

Hi, pete, now version 1.31 supports customization of the today plugin. You can try that.

And it makes sense, I will support a total minutes item in today item.

But for your situation, a minute for network A is different for B or C, so does it make sense to add them together? Because although LCMinutes support trade SMS for minutes (so called shared units concept), but call minutes with different weight while sharing the same free minutes is not supported.

TWSTR said...

Hi Lyon,
your program is great.
I just need help with Configuration. Can you help me?

I have an EPlus contract with 500 units (SMS, or minutes), called AllIn. The timing for calls is 60/1 seconds. Additionally, I have an Internet fairrate, which is slower above 250MB. Incoming SMS and calls are free.

I pay for the package € 46. My charging Day is the last Day in month.

How should I set the program and what I need to set in balance?

What is the effective date and expired date?

Greetings from Germany

TWSTR said...

I almost forgotten to say that one unit is a sms or 60seconds call.